The company was certified by TLC in 1999 and complies with the standard of ISO9001: 2000 and has passed the assessment and access confirmation of TLC annually.

Our quality policy is: Provide high-tech, high-quality products and best services to meet customer demands.

It requires that we must employ the properly trained and qualified personnel, produce qualified cable equipment (computers, gauges, instruments and meters) and create a good working environment and complete quality-related activities according to applicable documents. We strive to make quality products and meet customer demands farthest. Meanwhile, providing quality after-sales service to fulfill customer satisfaction can enhance our competitiveness, make each employee responsible for quality, and highlight "Doing work well in the first time and all the time"

We will train and carry out other necessary activities so that all employees can understand and be familiar with quality policy and objectives of the company, and therefore consciously implement as required.

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